Make a Statement

You’ve gained some clarity on what your role and purpose as a parent are, and even how you envision this. Now, it’s time to make a short and memorable vision statement.

There’s power in consistency.

Have you ever decided to make a change, been super motivated in the morning, and then at bed time realized that you completely forgot about that change you were so excited to make?

I do this all the time. I want to be more productive with my time, then I accidentally get sucked into watching Facebook videos and forget all about my goal of being productive throughout the day.

Any efforts are sporadic rather than consistent.

Yesterday you brainstormed about what your purpose and roles are as a parent. You gained some clarity by exploring tons of options and started taking steps towards defining your vision for yourself.

Today, we’re going to take this one step further. We are going to define and craft a short and powerful vision statement.

This vision statement will help you be consistent. It will help you stay true to your vision for yourself, especially when you find yourself in a tough parenting moment.

Your vision statement will become your guide.

Our brains aren’t designed to store and remember lots of information; rather, our brains are meant to process information and move on.

A clear vision statement is short, easy to remember, and then acts as a filter or lens through which we process information and make decisions.

Having a written vision statement will help guide you through the day as you go about parenting.

I’ve found it helpful to write my vision statement out and hang it up throughout my house. This gives me lots of little reminders to be intentional and to follow my statement.

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