Failure and Success Go Hand In Hand

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”
~Winston Churchill (Though after searching the internet, I’m not sure he actually said this.)

Too many teens think they are failing life.

Often times our teens think that success is what they see on social media, TV, and the movies.

They don’t realize that life rarely looks that way.

They don’t realize that success if often ugly, boring, and embarrassing.

Many teens are experiencing success in their lives, but because it doesn’t look like something they’d see on TicTok, or Snapchat, they don’t acknowledge it as a win, as a success.

Instead, they completely miss their success and chalk it up as another “failure.”

How to help you teen see the whole picture.

We can’t make our teens see the whole picture, but we can certainly help them see it.

Often times we are part of the problem when we refuse to be happy with our teens progress, just because it hasn’t yet met our standards or end goal.

Often times we too get caught up in comparing reality to the perfect image that we were expecting, and we don’t recognize the success for what it is. Instead, we are just disappointed that it didn’t meet our expectations.

Help your teen enjoy the journey.

Help them appreciate their growth along the way.

Praise them for their efforts.

Help them understand that sometimes success is simply not giving up.

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