You Are The Most Powerful Agent Of Change

This might come as a surprise to you, but you are the most powerful agent of change for your family.

You are a hero!

You have the power to change EVERYTHING in your family, just by changing yourself.

If you are listening to the podcast, you are probably looking for growth and some kind of change in your family, your parenting, or your teen.

I’m here to tell you that YOU have the power to change your whole entire world!

This is not what the world tells you.

Not The Norm For Our Day

This is not the message that is being told in our world today. The world and society today would have you believe that it’s your job to change OTHERS, instead of being the change.

This is we we see so much blame and shaming right now.

This is why so many people feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and scared, because their focus is on things outside of their control.

This is okay!

It’s not our job to change the world.

They don’t know any better, and they are doing their best.

But, I believe that the world will change when YOU do!

That’s why I’m doing my best to BE the change that I want to see.

BE The Change You Wish To See

Anytime you catch yourself wanting to change someone else, ask yourself, “How can I be the change I’m looking for?”

For me, when I ask myself this, it’s often things like, “I can be kinder,” “I can speak kinder,” “I can listen better,” or “I can be more accepting.”

YOU can be the change you are looking for!

This will position you as the hero.

No more waiting for someone else to change or wishing they’d be different.

You can take the energy used trying to change someone else and use that for yourself in BEing the change you want to see.

Changing From the Inside Out

There’s something magical that starts to happen when you start to be responsible for your own change.

You have more energy to put towards being the best version of yourself.

You start to change, and things around you start to change too!

Recently a mom, after working with me one time, on our second call told me how different things are in her home.

She realized that her teen is doing his best. She started appreciating the effort that he was putting forth. She felt increased love, kindness, and acceptance towards him, and he’s trying harder in their home.

This is called Changing from the inside out!

Most people are trying to change things on the outside so they can feel better on the inside.

I want to challenge you to be the change, and trust that change to work from the inside out.

Share The Love!

One of the most powerful things you can do to change from the inside out is to share your growth and experience with others.

By BEing the change you want to see, you will start to inspire others.

Share your wins.

Share your growth.

Share your successes.

Share your resources and tools.

BE the example of what is possible when it comes to parenting.

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