Distractions 101

It’s human nature to be easily distracted.

In fact, distractions aren’t necessarily all that bad.

It reminds me of this dumb game that my kids play. They pretend to punch each other in the face, and if the other child flinches, the first child says, “two for flinching” and slugs them in the shoulder twice.

Flinching isn’t bad. It’s a protective reflex.

Being distracted isn’t bad, it’s part of our human nature to always be on the lookout. To always be looking for the next amazing thing.

The problem is when our distractions run our lives.

The problem is when our distractions put us in a hyper-reactionary mode.

The problem is that our distractions aren’t likely to create the dreams of our lives.

It’s Not Just Your Teen!

One of the things that I’m noticing with a lot of parents is they they are worried about how distracted their teens have become.

Parents tell me things like:

  • “They’re always looking at their phones or social media.”
  • “They only think about their friends.”
  • “They don’t even notice what’s going on in the real world.”

Now, let me share with you what teens are telling me about their parents:

  • “They’re always looking at their phones or social media.”
  • “They only think about their work.”
  • “They don’t even now what it’s going on in the real world.”

Are You Driven By Distracted

Everything and everyone seems to be fighting for a little slice of our attention.

Everything is trying to be the loudest, brightest, most shocking thing, just to get our attention.

What is distracting you?

For me it’s things like the Will Smith Slap or the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial.

Sometimes it’s my kids grades or games on my phone.

What are you being distracted from?

Often I’m distracted from uncomfortable emotions or things that I don’t want to do.

How is distraction benefitting you?

It might be relaxing. It might be easier than doing something hard.

What is distraction costing you?

Sometimes it costs me relationships, my dreams, and my future.

Distraction Leads to Reaction

I Googled the opposite of distraction and this is what I found.

The Opposite of Distraction is Traction. Traction is an action that moves us towards what we really want.

If we dig into this we see that “traction” is an intentional action or (DOing).

Distraction is keeping you from being intentional.

Distraction leads to reaction.

Let go of distractions so you can be more intentional.

Your Distractions Program you and Define Your Reality

Advertisement, media, television and social media are all distractions.

These distractions are trying to program us to purchase their products.

Identify What distractions are keeping you from your desired results?

Distractions can keep you from having the relationship that you want.

Distractions will keep you from BEing who you want to be.

Distractions will keep you from connecting with your family.

Distractions will keep you from growing.

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