Listen to the signals in your life that are pushing you towards growth.

#1 You’re Not Happy With Yourself As A Parent

This one is huge.

Recently I’ve had a bunch of parents tell me that they’re just not happy as a parent. They feel like they could and should be doing more. They feel like they’re failing, and they are miserable.

Okay, maybe miserable is a stretch, but they’re not happy.

There are lots of things that can cause unhappiness as a parenting. The important thing to understand is that this isn’t “bad” or a problem.

It’s simply a warning or a notification that something is off and not how you want it to be.

Once you recognize this, you have the power to gain some more awareness and address how you feel and how you are showing up as a parent.

#2 You Don’t Like Your Teen

Okay, this is another one that I’ve heard a lot recently. Honestly, what I coach people on often drives my podcast.

You don’t have to like your teen.

Not liking your teen doesn’t mean that you’re a terrible parent.

But, if you’re like me, you probably don’t like how it feels when you don’t like your teen.

Also if you’re like me, you probably don’t like how you parent when you don’t like your teen.

If this is you, and you don’t like your teen as much as you’d like, this is simply an indicator of an area for growth.

#3 You Feel Like Your Out of Control

If you feel like you’re out of control, you’re almost certainly trying to control things and others outside of your control.

If you are like many of the parents inside the Firmly Founded Family membership, you are probably guilty of focusing on things outside of your control from time to time.

Maybe you want to make your teen come home on time, or maybe you want to change the way your teen treats others in the family, and nothing seems to change them, and the more you fight and argue, the more you feel out of control.

Good news, the simple reason why is that you are focusing on things outside of your control.

This too is an indication of a potential area of growth.

#4 You’re Parenting Out of Alignment with Your Core Values

One of my favorite lessons that I teach is on values.

I LOVE understanding how values impact my life, my clients lives, and your life.

If you are unhappy, it’s probably because you are out of alignment with your values somewhere.

I see this in parenting when parents trying to parent according to what other’s think they should be doing.

I see this when parents try to parent according to their teens values, or their parents values.

If you feel like you do all the bending, or that you teen walks all over you, or that you don’t have effective boundaries, you might want to take a look at your values and find ways to parent in alignment with those values.

#5 You Can’t Communicate with Your Teen

If you and your teen can’t communicate, there’s a problem. Often times when parents tell me that they can’t communicate with their teen, it’s because they are trying to avoid a blowup or temper tantrum.

This means you’re focusing on things outside of your control.

It’s not your job to regulate how your teen thinks, feels, or acts.

Make the effort to communicate with your teen in the way that you feel most comfortable.

For me, it’s relaxed, calm, and reassuring.

Even when I’m mad, and we “need to have a tough conversations,” I try to be relaxed, calm, and reassuring.

Even if I can’t perfectly do that, I still commit to having the conversation.

#6 You Constantly Overwhelmed, Stress, and Worried

Overwhelm, stress, and worry will impact all of your relationship, whether it be with your teen, spouse, or friends or family.

If you constantly feel overwhelmed, stressed, and worried, this is an indicator that you have areas of potential growth.

#7 You’re Not Creating the Results that You Want

Ultimately, if you are not creating the results that you want in your family or in your relationship with your teen, you have room for growth.

Your results will always reflect your way’s of BEing. Want better results, up-level your parenting!

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