Why Do Parents Stop Growing?

Recently I was talking to a dad and he said something to the effect of, “Why do we quit growing as parents and adults?”

He went on to say that as a parent, he feels like he’s supposed to know everything and be perfect and that working on his own personal growth would make him look silly, like he doesn’t know everything and he’s not perfect.

☝️ This is why parents stop growing. ☝️

They think that they’re supposed to know everything and be perfect, so they avoid imperfection and the unknown.

There’s a concept that I taught my little league football team this year.

One day, while I was trying to coach up one of my players, he kept interrupting me telling me, “I know. I already know!”

The problem was, when I watched him I could tell that he did not know what I wanted him to know.

And, because he thought he already knew, he didn’t have room to learn anything new.

I call this the full cup problem.

Imagine trying to pour water into a cup that’s already full of water.

What’s going to happen?

It’s going to over-fill and run over the side.

The cup has no room for anything more.

This happens to us when we think we have no room for growth.

Why Do People Avoid Growth?

Recently I’ve been watching my kids as they’ve been growing in different areas of their lives.

My 16 year old, even though he’s on the football team and wants to be a good football player, he has been resistant to growth.

He tells me things like, “I don’t want to mess up”, or “I don’t want a coach to yell at me”, or “I don’t want to look dumb.”

My 13 teen year old on the other hand, has never played football before this year and he knew almost nothing.

Because he knew nothing, he positioned himself as an empty cup and was very coachable, and he grew very quickly.

Most people avoid growth for just a few reasons.

#1 They don’t want to look bad.

#2 It can be hard and uncomfortable to grow.

#3 They don’t believe they can/need to grow.

Growth is What Stands Between You and Your Dreams

One of the things that I’ve found as I’ve coached tons of parents and teens is that growth is what’s standing between you and your dreams.

Want to become the parent of your dreams?

Grow as a parent.

Want a better relationship with your teen?

Grow YOUR relationship with yourself and then your teen.

Want to stop yelling, arguing, or simply avoiding all potential conflict with your teen?

Grow yourself as a parent.

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