This is an unplanned, unscripted, interview!

Make sure you listen to this episode because I won’t do it justice here in the show notes.

Arthur C. Woods is an awesome friend and amazing life coach for teens. I really enjoyed this conversation with him.

Stages of Growth!

Discovery: Discovering who you are and who you want to be.

Defining: Defining and deciding who you are and who you want to be.

These are both important steps in growth.

And, growth is often uncomfortable.

In addition to being uncomfortable, growth is also a process that takes time and repeated effort over and over.

The Importance of Identity

Most people overly focus on DOing things rather than BEing.

Rather than reading a book, be a reader.

Rather than focusing on running a marathon, focus on BEing a marathon runner.

Trust who you are!

Lean to your strengths.

Let your weaknesses be areas of growth.

How to get your teen to work with Arthur!

(1) Free Parent (of Teen) Training: Helping Your Teen Escape The Prison of Anxiety (December 08, Thursday @ 6:30 pm – Eastern Standard Time). Parents can register here:

(2) Free Facebook Group, Exclusively For Parents of Teenagers:

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