One of My Teen Clients Inspired This Episode

I recently had a call with a teenage young man and he wanted help breaking old, bad, habits.

I’m restructuring how I do my 1:1 coaching calls to be less scripted and more conversational, so we basically just had this super powerful conversation about habits.

I really loved the insight that he brought to the coaching call, so I’m going to share what I remember with you and invite you to come join a transformational conversation with me to help you change how you approach habits in your life.

I’m super excited for this conversation because during this time of year, most people over focus on goals, which they usually forget about and fail, and they under focus on habits, which is what they really need to accomplish their New Year’s Goals.

I’m going to invite YOU to join me in a transformational conversation about goals in the future. I’ll tell you more at the end of this podcast,

What Makes Breaking Habits Hard for You?

This is a powerful question to explore for yourself.

Seriously, I invite you to ask yourself, literally say this to yourself out loud, “What makes breaking habits hard for me?”

Let you’re mind explore that.

Gain some serious awareness around that.

When I asked this young man that question he told me 3 things.

  1. How long I’ve been doing the habit.
    • Basically how many times the habit has been repeated.
    • Repetion is a powerful force when it comes to creating habits.
  2. Your will power.
    • Basically your desire and determination.
  3. Having too many steps needed to break the habit.
    • Basically making your new habit too complicated.

I loved those examples that he shared.

Here are the two that I added that we discussed:

  1. Identifying as your habit.
    • Basically seeing yourself as your habit (for example, “I’m a yeller,” or “I’m a smoker,” or “I’m lazy.”)
  2. The perceived benefit of the habit.
    • Drinking Diet Dr. Pepper tastes great. You get a dopamine hit.
    • Yelling at your kids used to get them to listen, respond, change.

As we talked about this he said it was helpful to understand why it can be hard to break habits.

What makes your habits hard to break could be different for you, so make sure to explore this for yourself.

Also, I don’t recommend focusing on breaking bad habits. Instead, I recommend building desired habits.

What Makes Breaking Habits Hard is The Secret To Creating Habits Easily

Now, I want to let you in on a little secret. Whatever it is that makes habits hard for you is the secret for making habits easy for you.

For example, if the amount of times that you’ve repeated a habit makes it harder to break, doing the new desired habit over and over, getting reps in, is the secret to creating a new habit to replace the old one.

You can go through your own list and find ways to apply the list of things making your habits hard to ways that you can make creating new habits easy.

Your Habits Create Your Results

One of the problems that I have with traditional coaching is that they are overly focused on individual actions.

I love the self-coaching model. It’s a powerful tool. But, it’s only focused on individual actions, not habits.

Your habits create your results.

If you want better results, you need better habits.

Learn how to intentionally create your desired habits, and you can learn how to intentionally create the life of your dreams.

Join Me for a Transformational Conversation

I’m going to be hosting two live Transformational Conversations, and I want YOU to join me.

If you have some New Year’s goals, and their mostly on repeat from last year, you need to better understand your habits and what it takes to create new habits.

Having a transformational conversation is more powerful than simply listening.

Conversations engage the mind. They help you take new thoughts and belief to a deeper level.

Come have a transformational conversation with me and other parents just like you, and lets create some new and powerful habits in your parenting in 2023.

These transformational conversations will be live over zoom, face to face, on Thursday, January 12th at 10 am MST and Tuesday, January 24th, at 10 am MST.

Click the button below to find out how to join the conversation.