My Favorite Things to Teach

I want to walk you through my 10 favorite things to teach parents.

In fact, these principles are not only my favorite things to teach, but they are the things that the parents who I work with consistently tell me have had the most impact on their lives.

So, over the next several episodes, you’ll get access to my top 10 favorite principles.

And, I’m going to teach them in the order that I think would be most beneficial to you.

Being the Parent of Your Dreams is an Identity Process

Your identity is a powerful driver in your life.

It’s really hard to do things that aren’t aligned with your identity.

Think about smoking for example.

If you’re not a smoker, it would be pretty hard for you to smoke.

It would feel wrong, and icky, and just completely foreign to you.

It’s because, if you identify as a non-smoker, that goes completely against how you think, feel, and behave.

This is important to recognize because if you think you’re a “Bad Parent” it’s going to be hard to do things that you think only good parents do.

Your Parenting Identity is Like Your GPS

If you think about GPS, it only needs two pieces of data to function.

Where you are, and where you want to be.

That’s it.

With those two points, it can calculate different routes to get you where you want to be.

To be the parent of your dreams, you need to trust your parenting GPS, and you need to know where you are and where you want to be.

That is your identity.

Once you know that, tough parenting moments get easier.

Just like having GPS makes driving in unfamiliar territory, knowing your identity makes parenting in uncharted territory easier.

Create a 10-Word Vision Statement

One of my favorite exercises to walk parents through is that of creating a 10-word vision statement for themselves and their parenting.

It’s super easy, and SUPER POWERFUL!

I’ve had several parents name this as the #1 thing that’s changed everything for them.

Here is a simple process for doing this:

  • Brainstorm/journal for 5-10 minutes about who you want to be as a parent.
    • What are your values?
    • How do you want to show up?
  • Then, take what you just journaled and identify what things are within your control.
    • “I want my teen to feel safe around me” is outside of your control. You can’t control how your teen feels.
    • However, “I want to be a safe harbor for my teen and listen with curiosity and love” are things that you can control.
  • Next, craft a 10-Word Vision Statement that is empowering and within your control.
  • My favorite that I’ve ever come up with is:
    • Parenting with love, confidence, and curiosity is easy and fun.

This vision statement will act as your navigation system in awesome parenting moments and in tough parenting moments.

Know Yourself and Trust Yourself

Every parent has a unique blend of skills, strengths, and gifts.

Get to know yours!

Trust that you have been given these skills, strengths, and gifts because YOU are the perfect parent for your teen.

When you know these strengths and gifts, you can access them more easily.

Trust yourself.

Trust your gifts.

YOU are powerful.

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