My Favorite Things to Teach

I want to walk you through my 10 favorite things to teach parents.

In fact, these principles are not only my favorite things to teach, but they are the things that the parents who I work with consistently tell me have had the most impact on their lives.

So, over the next several episodes, you’ll get access to my top 10 favorite principles.

And, I’m going to teach them in the order that I think would be most beneficial to you.

Do You Know Your Values?

Most people don’t really know what their values are.

They think they know, and they know what they want them to be, but they don’t know what they actually are.

Often times, parents will tell me that their top values are family, connection, and their teen’s development.

But, when we start digging it to it, it turns out that none of these are actually one of their top values.

If you don’t have awareness of your top values, you won’t have intention when it comes to your values.

If you’re like most people, you don’t truly know what your top values are. Rather, you know what you think they “should” be.

In fact, if you’re like most people, and like me when I started digging into my own values, you’re going to be surprised at how many values you’ve simple picked up a long the way and blindly held onto.

Your Values Create Your Results

So, if you want to gain awareness when it comes to your values, start here.

If you want to gain the power and intention over your values, start here.

When it comes to gaining awareness around your values, take some time and look at your current results.

Your weight, your bank account, your relationship with your loved ones, your current profession are all the result of your values.

Because of this, your results will always reflect your values.

If you want to understand what your values are, look at your results and ask yourself, “What values created this result for me?”

Once you have this awareness, you will them be able to intentionally choose your driving values.

The problem is, most people want to skip the awareness step and go straight to the intention step.

If you skip the process of awareness, you will never understand. You will continue to be blindly driven by your unintentional values.

Understanding Your Values Leads to Understanding Your Teen’s Values

I cannot over emphasis just how key this is.

If you want to understand the values of others, you haver to understand your own values.

Most parents, never take the time to truly understand their own values, and as a result, they never truly understand their teen’s values.

If you want to build values based connections with your teen, you need to first understand your values.

Take some time to do the exercise that we talked about above.

Look at your results and ask yourself, “What values created this result for me?”

Once you get good at seeing your own values, you can then ask yourself, “What values created this result for my teen?”

You will be shocked at how many values you and your teen have in common.

Secrets to Values

There are no “RIGHT” or “WRONG” values.

Your values are not better than someone else’s.

We all have roughly the same amount of values in common with others as we do in conflict with others.

People that we like, we choose to focus on our common values.

People that we dislike, often our teens, it’s because we focus on our conflicting values.

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