My Favorite Things to Teach

I want to walk you through my 10 favorite things to teach parents.

In fact, these principles are not only my favorite things to teach, but they are the things that the parents who I work with consistently tell me have had the most impact on their lives.

So, over the next several episodes, you’ll get access to my top 10 favorite principles.

And, I’m going to teach them in the order that I think would be most beneficial to you.

Trying to Control Your Teen Hurts Your Teen

Thinking that you need to control your teen and make sure that they do the “right” things so they’ll be successful, like trying to control what apps are on their phones or what grades they get, or even whether or not they get up on time for school, is actually hurting your teen.

It’s also ruining your relationship with them.

Just Because Everyone Does It Doesn’t Make It Right

And, I get it. Seems like everyone from parenting experts to school teachers are saying things like, “If you want your teen to be successful, . . .” they’ve got to get good grades, or have less screen time, or get up on time for school. And, this is probably how your parents raised you, trying to ensure that you did all the “right” things so you would be successful.

Do You Like It When Others Try To Control You?

So, let me ask you a question. Have you ever had someone who tried to control you and get you to do all the “right” things so you would be successful? Maybe it was a parent, teacher, or a boss. Did you like it? How did you end up feeling towards them? My guess is, you didn’t like it, and you probably felt resentment and anger towards them.

What makes you think your teen is any different? Do you think your teen is going to be successful when they’re angry and resentful, or will they push back even harder, not even thinking about their future success?

There’s a Better Way

The most powerful way to help your teen be successful, without even controlling them or getting them to do the “right” things? It’s a simple, rather than focusing on getting your teen to do all the right things to be successful, focus on building an impactful relationship with them. Do you know what parents of successful teens have in common? They have a strong, impactful, relationship with their teens.

If You Continue to Control, Your Relationship will Suffer

Do want to keep thinking that you have to control your teen and make sure that they do the “right” things so they’ll be successful, which actually makes them resentful and angry. Or do you want to be the kind of parent who has an impactful relationship with their teen? If that’s you, join my BE The Change Facebook group where I’ll teach you how to help your teen create their own success by building a powerful relationship with them.

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