Have You Ever Had A “Gut Punch” Realization?

Today, I’m going to tell you about one of the most life altering events of my life.

It took place during a jog at my local walking park with Brooke Castillo.

Only, she wasn’t there.

It was just me, my phone, and my head phones, and Brooke’s podcast.

It’s Not My Teen That Needs To Change, It’s ME!

I can’t remember which podcast episode I was listening to. Usually I’d either listen to multiple episodes in a jog, and sometimes I’d listen to the same episode twice just because it was so mind blowing at the time.

I can’t even remember exactly what she said, but I can remember exactly what I realized, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
“It’s not my teen that needs to change. It’s me.”


I had to stop jogging and take a second to process that information.

As I realized the implications that came with that understanding, it kind of felt like a gut punch.

I suddenly realized that I had been doing it all wrong as a parent.

BE The Change You Want To See

Before that day, when I thought about parenting my foster teens, I felt like a failure.

I often felt overwhelmed and frustrated.

I was stuck in the trap of trying to control my foster teens.

We were power struggling every day, and my wife and I thought about quitting as foster parents.

But, this realization changed EVERYTHING!

I started asking myself one simple question over and over:

“How can I BE THE CHANGE I want to see here?”

It was amazing what I was able to find when I asked myself that question.

I can be more calm.

I can be kinder.

I can be more proactive.

I can be more complimentary.

I can be more fun.

I can be more consistent.

It felt so empowering. After wasting so much time and energy trying to change my foster kids, it was invigorating simply being the change.

You Can Do the Same Thing

If you’re tired of trying to change your teen, you can do the same thing I did.

Commit to BEING the change you are looking for.

You’ll be surprised just how much everything around you changes when you change.

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