Have You Ever Had a Parenting “Fail”?

I’ve got to be honest.

I’ve had my fair share of parenting fails.

I’ve had my own “ugly” parenting moments.

That’s okay!

And, I’m going to teach you how to turn “parenting fails” into impactful parenting moments.

YOU Have the Power to Make Tough Moments Powerful Moments

Recently in one of my group coaching call, a mom humbly and a little embarrassed admitted that she had recently parented her teen in a way that she was not proud of.

In fact, she was embarrassed and beating herself up.

She couldn’t understand how, after learning all this new stuff inside the membership, she could still say such mean things.

She was worried that she had done the complete wrong thing and that it was maybe too late to fix it.

“Bad” Parenting Moments CAN Make the Best Parenting Moments

I believe that “bad” parenting moments can become the BEST parenting moments.

In fact, if you make the best of a “bad” parenting moment, the resulting parenting moment will be better than if the “bad” parenting moment had never happened.

When you make a mistake as a parent, it’s nothing more than an opportunity for you to demonstrate how to apologize, how to fix problems, how to recognize mistakes and address them.

If you’re guilty of parenting moments that you’re not proud of, start using them as opportunities for growth.

This gives your teen the opportunity to see you in a different light.

This give your teen an example of how to repair damages done in relationships.

Rather than being an eternal wound to this relationship, it becomes a powerful teaching moment, and an opportunity for even deeper connection.

Be Kind To Yourself

When You catch yourself in tough parenting moment, be kind to yourself.

No parent on earth is perfect.

You’re doing your best, and that’s exactly what your teen needs.

5 Keys To Turn Tough Parenting Moments into IMPACTFUL Parenting Moments

  1. Be Aware
    • It’s hard to fix a mistake if you’re not aware of a mistake.
    • Get curious and see the parenting moment for what it is.
  2. Be Honest and Open
    • Be open and honest with your teen and yourself.
    • What was going on? Were you hungry, tired, angry?
  3. Be Apologetic/Make it Right
    • Make sure to let your teen know that you’re sorry and that you want to do better.
    • Don’t overdue it. Don’t beg for forgiveness. If they’re still mad, that’s okay. You’ve done your part.
  4. Verbally Commit to Do Better
    • Let your teen know that your working on you.
    • Let them know how you’d like to handle it in the future.
    • Let them help you be accountable.
  5. Practice BEing Better
    • For this, I love the Wheel of Life.
    • Identify top of the wheel moments and use those moments to practice your new way of being.
    • Practice as much as you can.