Are You and/or Your Teen Dreading School?

First off, I think you should know that teens all over the US are dreading returning to school.

If you’re teen is feeling anxious and they are dreading school, this episode is for you.

If you’re teen is excited and ready to return to school, you can still implement everything you hear in this episode to help your teen make this school year great.

So, to be clear, if your teen is dreading the upcoming school year, you and your teen are not alone.

In fact, if you or your teen have had a negative experience with school, it’s natural to feel anxious when it comes to school.

This episode will hopefully help you and your teen be better prepared for the upcoming school year.

Tips For You and Your Teen

I’m going to share some of my best tips with you to help you and your teen.

Please don’t feel like you have to implement every single one of these tips.

Just find what works for you.

#1 Start Things Off with a Family Meeting

I LOVE family meetings.

They sound intimidating, but they can be fun and super powerful, and they’re actually really simple.

Family meetings are a powerful tool to help you and your teen communicate about life, about what’s working and what’s not.

It’s a skill to be practiced and developed.

If you start now, when trouble arises, you’ll already have this skill ready and handy to use in a tough situation.

#2 Develop Emotional Intelligence

If your teen is DREADING going back to school, this is an opportunity to develop some emotional intelligence.

Help your teen understand what they’re feeling and why they’re feeling it.

This simple practice has the power to lessen the discomfort of unwanted emotions.

Also, when you understand what your feeling and why, that helps you have the power to do something about it.

#3 Find Ways to Give Your Teen Power

One of the biggest mistakes that I see parents making is trying to solve your teen’s problems for them.

This takes power away from your teen. Instead, help them come up with solutions for their own problems.

Help them own what they feel and why they’re feeling it.

#4 Keep School In The Proper Perspective

Schools, principals, school counselors, anyone pushing school is going to tell you that school is the most important thing ever.

You and your teen might be operating from the belief that school is the most important thing ever and that you have to get perfect grades and make the honor roll, and go to all the social activities, and everything, and that’s just not true.

School is what you want school to be.

Keep school in perspective.

You get to choose how you look at school.

#5 Improve Your Relationship with Your Teen

This is the one back to school secret that nobody is talking about.

Your relationship with your teen has a huge impact on how your teen does in school and after school and after they leave your home.

Want to help your teen have a good school year?

Create an impactful relationship with your teen.

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