In this podcast episode, you will learn the following key points:

  • The concept of trust and how it’s often subjective, depending on individual expectations and experiences.
  • Trust comes from within, and it’s influenced by both your expectations and the other person’s actions.
  • The importance of clear communication and understanding core needs in parent-teen relationships.
  • The significance of getting clear on the facts of a situation, as opposed to letting emotions and subjective interpretations drive your perspective.
  • The idea that you can’t change the past, and dwelling on it can prevent progress.
  • The benefits of adopting a more flexible, nuanced perspective instead of thinking in black-and-white terms.
  • The role of fear in undermining trust and how facing and addressing fear is key to building trust.
  • The importance of creating strong connections with your children based on open communication, empathy, and understanding.
  • How reevaluating and reshaping your stories about situations can lead to more positive outcomes and relationships.

These lessons can help parents improve their relationships with their teens, even when facing challenges or breaches of trust.

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Podcast name: ‘After the Affair’ with Luke Shillings – Relationship & Infidelity Coach



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