5 Key Takeaways from my conversation with Gabriele Nicolet

  1. Building trust through consistency: Establishing a strong bond with your child requires consistent respect for their personhood and the enforcement of boundaries over time. This helps create a sense of trust that fosters effective communication and mutual understanding.
  2. Teenagers observe and emulate behavior: Adolescents often learn from the behavior of their parents, not just from what is said but also from what is demonstrated. Modeling respectful behavior is crucial to instill similar values in teens.
  3. Encourage problem-solving and critical thinking: Rather than imposing solutions, encourage teens to think critically and problem-solve. Guiding them through a series of questions and allowing them to find their own answers can help build their self-confidence and decision-making skills.
  4. Maintain composure during challenges: Staying calm during difficult situations, even when everything seems to be falling apart, is key to effective parenting. Reacting with anger or yelling can hinder open communication and creative problem-solving.
  5. Self-reflection and personal growth: Recognize the impact of your own behavior and mindset on your interactions with your children. Engage in self-reflection and work on improving your own communication style and emotional regulation to create a healthier family dynamic.

Gabriele Nicolet

Gabriele is a parent coach and speech therapist.  She is the co-founder of Raising Orchid Kids, an online parent education and coaching practice.  Gabriele is passionate about showing families how to help their Orchid Kids (kids who need a little bit “extra”) thrive and not just survive. She is also the Head Toddler Whisperer at SpeechKids, a private speech therapy practice serving families both in and outside the DC Metro area. Gabriele works with children and their families nationwide 1:1 and in groups through her Raising Orchid Kids programs (www.raisingorchidkids.com). 

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