In this podcast, I discuss exploring spirituality with an open mind, and acknowledging that traditional religious views may clash with non-traditional perspectives.

I differentiate between spirituality and religion, emphasizing a personal exploration without claiming expertise.

I challenge the notion that worthiness determines spirituality, sharing personal experiences to advocate for a focus on personal alignment and integrity.

We delve into the concept of co-creation, where everything is spiritually created before manifesting physically.

I discuss the power of thoughts and emotions in shaping our reality, stressing the importance of aligning inner desires with external actions. I suggest a shift from external religious focus to internal connection with divinity, asserting that the most direct link to God is within ourselves.

Discipline plays a crucial role in spiritual growth, aligning actions with our desired identity.

I highlight the creator mentality, emphasizing that individuals shape their reality through their thoughts and feelings.

Take responsibility for our reality and realize that spirituality is a personal learning journey, not something you can be taught but something that you can only learn through YOU.

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