5 Key Takeaways from my conversation with Jesse LeBeau

In this episode of the Impact Parenting with Perspective podcast, Ben interviews guest Jesse LeBeau, a youth speaker who shares his experiences and delivers messages about being an underdog, overcoming obstacles, and improving attitude and life. Jesse’s passion for basketball led him to pursue a career in commercials, movies, and TV shows, where he had the opportunity to work with famous athletes and celebrities. However, he realized that his purpose was to use his experiences to engage and inspire young people.

Here are 5 key takeaways from this episode:

  1. The importance of maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on the next play, just like star players do.
  2. Finding one’s passion and being willing to explore different avenues related to that passion can lead to discovering one’s purpose.
  3. Parents play a crucial role in modeling positive attitudes and behaviors for their teens.
  4. Having a positive attitude can lead to greater success and happiness in life.
  5. Parents and teens should work together to create a supportive and positive environment.

To learn more about Jesse’s programs for schools and parents of teens, visit his website at TheAttitudeAdvantage.com/podcast.

Jesse LeBeau

About Jesse

Jesse LeBeau is one of today’s most highly sought after youth speakers and teen coaches. His unlikely underdog story has inspired millions of teens through his speaking, best-selling books and youth programs. He is one of the worlds premiere basketball trick artists and is regularly featured on TV, filmand international tours. Jesse’s new reality series  ‘The LeBeau Show’  allows viewers the chance to follow him around the country and see firsthand the major impact he is having on youth. 

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