5 Key Takeaways from my conversation Ashley

  1. Supporting Teen Interests: As parents, we should really get behind our teens’ passions, even if they don’t fit the typical school mold. It’s about encouraging what they love and finding ways to make learning meaningful for them.
  2. Valuable Skills Outside School: Look at what happened with Ashley’s son! He found success flipping dirt bikes, cars, and other stuff. It just shows that there are different paths to building skills and confidence beyond what’s taught in classrooms.
  3. Focus on Personal Growth: I’ve learned that it’s crucial for us parents to focus on our own growth too, especially when our teens aren’t vibing with school. It’s okay to seek support and figure out how to navigate these challenges together.
  4. Shift in Perspective: Ashley’s story really hits home. When she changed her outlook, her relationship with her son improved big time. It’s all about showing respect and support, even when their choices might not be what we expected.
  5. Embracing Different Paths: We need to realize that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to success. As parents, we should be open to embracing the unique paths our teens take, even if it’s different from what we imagined.

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