3 Key Takeaways from my conversation Lindsay Law

  1. Parental Support is Crucial: The conversation underscores the significance of parental support in helping teens navigate self-love and acceptance. Effective communication and understanding from parents play a pivotal role in this process.
  2. Belonging vs. Fitting In: Drawing from Brené Brown’s research, the distinction between belonging and fitting in is highlighted. Belonging involves being part of something greater while staying true to oneself, whereas fitting in entails conforming to predefined standards.
  3. Empowering Teens to Be Authentic: The discussion emphasizes the importance of empowering teens to embrace their authentic selves. This involves encouraging them to move beyond societal norms and peer pressure to discover and accept their true identities.

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Workshop Link-  www.youthrisingcoach.com/101

Teen Freebie- Better Self Talk for Teens-  www.youthrisingcoach.com

Parent Freebie- How to talk to your Teen for Better Connection- www.youthrisingcoach.com/parentpage

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