Want to Improve You or Your Teen’s Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health?

Whether you want to improve you or your teen’s mental, emotional, or physical health, here are some simple tricks to help you do that.

Remember, it’s not your job to manage your teen’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Yes, you can support them, you can offer suggestions, and encourage, but you can’t control your teen’s mental, emotional, or physical health.

As always, my recommendation is that you lead by example. BE the Change you want to see!

Take Care of Physical Needs

  1. Move
    • This could be as simple as going on a walk. It could be playing a game or sport.
    • It could be going to the gym.
    • This also helps with feeling restless, tired, and bored.
  2. Rest
    • This might mean going to bed early.
    • Parents hate this one, but it could mean sleeping in.
    • It could mean just taking a break, sitting on the couch, and getting a moment of rest
  3. Nourish
    • Eat something healthy.
    • I know it goes against what we were taught, but protein and fat are good sources of nourishment.
    • Drink water.
    • Take time to breath.
  4. Touch
    • I need physical touch.
    • When I was a principle, I used to give my students high-fives, knuckles, soft slugs on the shoulder, we even had pillow fights in the commons using couch cushions.
  5. Bathe
    • Shower, take a bubble bath, even simply washing your face or applying lotion can help.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Understand that emotional health is your ability to experience any and ALL emotions! If you’re going through some sucky emotions, I’m sorry, and that’s part of being emotionally healthy.

Now, most everyone is by default emotionally healthy, meaning they can experience the whole range of emotions, any and ALL of them.

Where parents and teens struggle is in their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence means that you can identify exactly what you’re feeling and why.

If you’re like most parents, and if your teen is like most teens, you guys might be struggling with your emotional intelligence, meaning you’re struggling to identify exactly what your feeling and/or understanding why you’re feeling it.

If you want to increase your emotional intelligence, you need to practice emotional intelligence. I recommend intentionally practicing identifying what your feeling in any given moment multiple times per day. Then, exploring what is making you feel that way. Spoiler alert, it will always be some form of a thought, whether conscious or subconscious.

Manage Your Mind

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts or your “To Do” list in your head, write them down. Put them on paper. Make them more tangible.

If you’re worried about the past, plan for the future with hope.

If you’re worried about the future, shift your focus to something that you can control in the present moment.

Step 1 – Go take the parent trap quiz!

It’s free, easy, and will take you less than 3 minutes.

Step 2 – Use your quiz results to focus your energy on growing in the area indicated by your quiz results.

Step 3- Come work with me to help you up level your parenting!

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