Want to Make Summer Funner?

If you’re like me, you like having fun. If you’re not like me, but you want to have more fun, this podcast is for you. If you hate fun and anyone who has fun, this podcast is not for you.

But, if you want to make your summer funner, stay put and listen up because I’m going to share some super powerful tips to help you and your teen have a summer to remember.

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of a Fun Summer

First, let’s talk about the power of a fun summer.

Fun summers are the things that legends are based on. We even have songs based on fun summers, like: “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams, or “Summer Nights” by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

In fact, you might even have some fond memories about your summers back when you were a teen.

Basically, a fun summer can help your teen better define their identity, build more confidents, and establish beneficial relationships for the future.

And, there are some simple things that you can do to help make summers great again.

Simple Ways to Make Your Summer Fun for You and Your Teen

#1 Empower Your Teen

I know, this one can be hard, especially when your teen is making some choices that make it really hard to trust them.

If you want to make YOUR summer more fun, empower your teen! Seriously, a couple weekends ago, one of my teens wanted to go to the lake with some of his friends. They were going to do some cliff jumping, make smore’s over a campfire, and just hangout and have a good time.

I gave him the keys to my car, let him take a bunch of our camp chairs, and told him to invite as many of his friends as he could.

Now, if your teen is a 13 year old, your plan might need to look a little different. I don’t recommend that you surrender your car keys to your 13 year old. But, there are still ways to empower them to have fun. We like to let our kids do sleep overs. If you’re not down with sleep overs, maybe you could let your teen do a late night and play some fun night games.

Basically, this makes your summer funner because you don’t have to plan their fun for them. You can let them do it. It makes your summer more fun because you get to listen to them tell you all about it later.

It makes your teen’s summer funner because they get to feel the responsibility of planning their own party and the joy of pulling it off.

Here are some other ideas for empowering your teen:

  1. Talk about what would be fair to expect when it comes to chores and responsibilities over the summer.
  2. Talk about what would be fair when it comes to screen time, phone time, internet, games, and entertainment this summer.
  3. Ask your teen what would motivate them to get off of their screens and out into nature.

#2 Get OUT!

Get out of . . .

Get out of your comfort zone, get out of your ruts, get out of your house, get out of your hometown, get outdoors, just get out!

One of the reasons people love to travel so much is because it gets them out of all of the things I mentioned above. One of the best ways to connect with teens is to get them out of their comfort zones.

When I was a high school principal, my most favorite part of the school year was our incentive trip. We always went somewhere away from home. It was fun watching big, tough, independent teenagers all of the sudden get clingy and anxious. Getting them out of their comfort zone what one of the best ways to get them open and receptive to connecting with you.

My oldest just started a new job. It was out of his comfort zone to apply, interview, and then start a new job. He doesn’t necessarily love spending the day at a job, but he is enjoying learning new skills and making more money.

If you feel like you’re in a rut, summer is a good time to get out!

If your teen is unwilling to get out, that’s okay, lead by your example and just control the controllables.

#3 Make Mandatory Family Fun a Thing

This one is a little tricky.

You can’t control your teen and make them have fun, but you might be able to control their phone service, their access to internet, and maybe even whether or not they get access to the car or not.

In my home, all of the things that I mentioned above are considered PRIVILEGES. And, to earn privileges in my home, you have to be willing to do certain requirements, like chores, grades, follow the rules, and Mandatory Family Fun. For Father’s Day, we packed up all of our kids and went to see a local reservoir that spills over the dam every few years. It’s really a cool sight to see. I was excited, my wife was excited, even my 8 year old was excited, but my 10 year old and two teens wanted to stay home and do nothing.

The problem for them is that to earn their access to the privileges that they love, like screen time, video game time, and access to cell phones is dependent upon their willingness to participate in family activities.

In the end, we all had a great time, and because, as my wife likes to call it, “Forced Family Fun”, has been a part of our family for years, the kids are used to it.

Find ways to make family fun a part of your family. Make it tied to some sweet privileges.

And, go have some fun!!

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