We cannot change the past, and we can do nothing from the future. All our power is in the present. Learn from the past, look to the future, and take advantage of the present.

“Spirit,” said Scrooge, with an interest he had never felt before, “tell me if Tiny Tim will live.”
“I see a vacant seat,” replied the Ghost, “in the poor chimney-corner, and a crutch without an owner, carefully preserved. If these shadows remain unaltered by the Future, the child will die.'”
~ Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

I read this book every year.


It teaches me valuable lessons about my life and how I want to inturpret my past, present, and future.

It helps me be more intentional in the way that I live and the things that I value!

I want to be the best parent that I can be. I know I’m not perfect, but this book helps me learn from my past, embrace the present, and work towards the future of my dreams.

What is your present?

This is where you have power and control. 

What you think about your past or your future is in the present. You have the power to control how you will think about your past and future from now on.  What you currently think and believe creates how you feel and act, which determines your current reality and results. 

We are creating our future right now in the present by the way we think, feel, and behave.

How you feel in regards to your past or future is determined by what you think in the present. 

Your results have been created by beliefs, feelings, and actions. Your present-self is a reflection of what you currently think and feel. 

Many of your present patterns and habits have been formed in your past and carried into your present life. Without intention, these habits will most likely carry over into your future as well. 

The present is a powerful place to explore your current results and how you are creating those. 

What is your present-self creating for your future-self?

Where are you going?

We can look at our present habits and patterns and look towards the future and see what our future results will likely be if the present habits patterns go unchanged. 

When we focus on our past and define ourselves by our past, we feel regret. 

When we focus the future of our dreams and define ourselves by our potential, we feel hope and empowered.

Identify some of your top patterns and habits. Where are they taking you?

Embrace the power of your present-self, and Take Action!

Too many of us are waiting to make a change until . . .

. . . some unspecified future time.

The time is NOW!

You have the power to change.

We want to embrace the power of the present moment, the here and now, and take actions that will lead to the future of our dreams.

We want to recognize the patterns that exist in our present-selves and explore whether or not they lead us to our future self. 

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