Far too often we limit ourselves because we never ask, “What IS possible?”

“I dwell in Possibility”
~ Emily Dickinson

Have You Ever Limited Yourself with a Goal?

I have done this, and I’ve seen both the parents and teens that I work with do this too.

You set a goal that’s “realistic.” In fact, you hold yourself back a little just to make sure that is is realistic. You reach your goal in half the time that you planned, and then you sit back and relax and do little to nothing more.

This is just one example of having a limiting goal.

Other times, we simply don’t set our sights high enough.

I heard Cliff Ravenscraft speaking about his weight loss experience. He believed that he needed to lose weight slowly, so that’s what he did. He believed that the last 10 lbs. would be the hardest and take the longest, so it did. At one point, after struggling with the last 10 lbs., he questioned the belief that the last 10 lbs. would take the longest and be the hardest. He questioned why he believed that and wondered if the opposite could be true. When he got curious and questioned his belief, he found out that it was actually pretty easy to lose the last 10 lbs. and he lost it relatively quickly.

What’s Possible for You?

I heard it said that a Navy Seal taught that when your brain tells you that you can do no more, go no further, you are actually only at about 40% of your capacity?

So, how do you know what it possible for you?

I hear tons of parents say, “I can’t do this”, or “I could never be . . . “

They are simply limited by what they believe is possible for themselves.

I want to invite you to explore, What IS Possible for Me?”

You will be shocked. You are far more capable than you give yourself credit for.

That kind mother of your dreams, or that fun and loving father of your dreams are completely possible.

It’s 100% possible for you to have the relationship of your dreams with your teen.

What’s Possible for Your Teen?

This one is tricky. We don’t want to fall into the trap of seeing what’s possible for our teens and then setting all sorts of expectations that we feel our teens “should” live up to.

Instead I want you to simply believe that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible for them.

One of the things that parents struggle with is their own limiting beliefs about their teens.

Parents think things like, “If Bob fails math, he’ll never get into college.” or “If Sally gets pregnant, she’ll ruin her life.”

By doing this we are showing our own limiting beliefs about our teens.

Instead, we can choose to believe, “If Bob fails math, he can still get into college.” or, “If Sally gets pregnant, she will still have an amazing life!”

Call to ACTION!

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