The BEST Place to Start

Where you are IS the best place to start! Where you are now is connected to where you want to be. You just have to start, exactly where you are right now.

Embrace where you are, what you are learning.

Have you ever compared where you are right now with where you wish you were instead.

I see lots of people do this with weight loss. They look at their current weight and wish they weighed 10, 20, sometimes 50+ lbs less then they currently do.

Parents also do this when it comes to their relationships with their teens. They look at the relationship that they have, compare it to the one they want, and wish they could magically change.

This is what I call arguing with reality. Rather than embracing what is real, you are spending your effort wishing for something different.

Get clear on where you are and what strengths are are developing.

Take a minute to explore where you are and how that connects to where you want to be. Be open to fully embrace your current reality.

Explore what your strengths are and how you can play to your strengths. Many times we completely miss the fact that we have developed, and are developing, strengths as a result of our current circumstance.

Identify what there is about your current self that are you grateful about? How can you show gratitude for where you are?

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