Plan and Practice

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Or how about this one, “Practice makes perfect”?

Planning and practicing are powerful tools that will help you become they change that you are looking for.

A simple doable plan is a powerful plan.

Have you ever been part of planning that was so over the top that it was flat out overwhelming and discouraging? In my time in education and foster care, I noticed that people liked to make impossibly complicated plans. They felt like it covered EVERYTHING!

Only problem was, it was always too much.

Instead I like to look at planning like game planning for a football game.

It needs to be specific, simple/understandable, doable, and changeable.

When I game plan for football, I make it as simple as possible. Partially because I am coaching 12-14 year old boys, but also because this makes it more powerful because everybody understands it.

Same should be true for your plan. Make it simple so you understand it.

Stick to your plan so you can later evaluate what parts are working and what’s not working.

Then change it to better fit your needs.

When and how to plan and practice.

Identify specific things are you going to do to make your vision statement a reality, to make that exciting change happen. Plan specific times when you will practice doing these specific things.

Plan for how you are going to do when it’s easy. When things are easy is when you should be focusing on being intentional, developing habits and patterns, creating the new you.

Plan for how you are going to do when it’s hard. This the perfect time to implement what you’ve practiced when things were easy. Put your new skills to the test.

Identify how you will you play to your strengths.

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