Tough parenting moments are opportunities for connection, growth, and increasing your capacity as a parent!

“I no longer make what my kids do mean anything about me.”
~ Zack Spafford

What Tough Parenting Moments DO & DON’T Mean

Becoming a Professional Parent

No one shames profesional atheletes for working to improve themselves. We actually respect them for their dedicaiton and hard work.

Don’t let others hold you back because of their thoughts or their shame. You can improve as a parent with dedication and hard work.

I Should vs I Want vs I Will vs I AM!

Should doesn’t serve us. It holds us back.

An up grade from “I should” is “I want.” The next step is, “I will.” But, the most powerful belief is “I AM!”

When you go from thinking, “I should be better,” to believing, “I AM a great parent,” you will find that you have way more power than you realize. You will start to parent with confidence and purpose because you trust yourself.

What are your “I” statements? What do you believe about who you are? What are your values?

What are the “I” statements that you need to be the parent that you want to be?

Your teens will pattern their personal beliefs off of your “I” and “you” statements.

How to Practice for Tough Parenting Moments

It’s okay to want to be your best.

The Wheel of Life is a visual concept that I teach to help parents and teens understand that life is 50/50. It’s 50% pleasant and 50% unpleasant. This is normal. Nothing has gone wrong.

When things are going great in our lives, we are on the top of the wheel. When things kind of suck, or things aren’t going how we want them to, we are on the bottom of the wheel.

Sometimes, when we are on the top of the wheel, we forget to enjoy where we are in life’s journey, and we forget that being on the top isn’t going to last forever. This leads us to think that something has gone wrong when we find ourselves on the bottom of the wheel.

When we are on the top of the wheel is the best time to prepare for the inevitable times that are coming when we will be on the bottom of the wheel.

When we practice when we are on the top of the wheel, when things are going well, we can prepare for future struggles. This is an opportunity to be intentional about who we are and how we want to live. This way, when things get tough, we are prepared to be who we want to be.

This is how you can prepare yourself for tough parenting moments. When you’re on the top of the wheel, identify “How can I use the to prepare for when I’m on the bottom of the wheel?”

Then, when you’re on the bottom of the wheel, realize that you have prepared for this. Trust yourself and show up with confidence as the best version of yourself as you can.

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