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“Once you accept everything, and you become aware of how you’re feeling and why your feeling that way, you can then move forward. instead continually just regressing backwards.”
~ Abdallah

Abdallah Was Committed Because He Invested in Himself

Abdallah’s mom invited Abdallah to invest in himself and his future.

It’s painful to part with $500, but he trusted that it would be worth it.

Teens get more value from coaching when they are fully committed and have invested in themselves.

This motivated Abdallah to do the work and go ALL IN!

Weekly Assignments and Why They Work

The work is easy, but it impacts your life.

It’s one thing to put pen to paper, but when you internalize it and start to own it, that’s when change starts to happen.

It’s not enough to do the assignments on a superficial level. It’s important to dig deep and get vulnerable and uncomfortable to start seeing change.

When you give it time to sink in, think about it, and meditate on it, the more powerful they become.

Growth and Evidence of Growth What is Emotional Health

Becoming more vulnerable. Having real vulnerable conversations. To have real vulnerable conversations, that I can hardly talk to someone in person about that. I don’t think I could have done those kind of conversations. It was still difficult. Understanding that you can be vulnerable with yourself. You don’t have to be vulnerable with everyone you meet. You create an environment where it is acceptable to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable is how to stop self-deception.

We try to pretend that we are tough and not feeling negative emotions, but vulnerability is more powerful.

Increased emotional health.

After coaching, you know you can experience every and ALL emotions. Not only can you experience the emotions, but you can also identify and process the emotions.

Most Powerful Coaching Session

I was taught to not share emotions or get vulnerable. Once you accept everything, and you become aware of how you’re feeling and why your feeling that way, you can then move forward. instead continually just regressing backwards.

Abdallah was avoiding emotions in our coaching sessions. This was just a small sample of what was going on in his life. In wrestling, Abdallah was avoiding experiencing the doubt, fear, and shame that he thought would come with losing.

When we peeled back the emotions, and experienced them, Abdallah realized that the emotions weren’t so bad.

We created a mental and emotional game plan for Abdallah’s wrestling match. The mental and emotional game plan, coupled with the physical game plan set up Abdallah for success in the tournament.

Once you’ve experienced the pain, there’s no reason to shield yourself from the pain. You can just let lose and go all in.

Stop over coaching yourself and just trust yourself.

There was never anything wrong with you. I didn’t fix you. I gave you some tools and helped you use them.

The most powerful thing of the coaching sessions, yes it took some guidance, but EVERYTHING I needed, I already had within me.

Call to ACTION!

How would your life be better if you got coaching for yourself?

How would your life be different if your teen learned the tools of self-coaching?

You have the power to create real change in your life and the life of your teen.

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