When you judge your teens, you disconnect with them.

“When I pull back and look at the big picture, does it matter if my kid sleeps all day? (. . .) In the big scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.”
~ Marika Humphreys

“It was helpful to question and really let go of my expectations of what I thought my kid should be doing, and that was the gateway towards acceptance of who my child really is, and now I see them as the amazing kid they are.”
~ Marika Humphreys

“I stopped judging my kid, and I know I’m closer to them than ever before.”
~ Marika Humphreys

What if What You Think Is A Problem, Isn’t a Problem.

Many of the problems that we see, are only “problems” because the world around us tells us they are problems.

Often, it’s our judgement that something is a problem that creates our emotional discomfort.

Don’t Try to Control, Change, and/or Fix Their Kids

When we can let go of control, we start to connect with our teens.

I Have the Confidence to Trust MYSELF and MY Teen

It’s my job to foster who my kids are, and I can do that! I am the best parent to do this.

Your teen will help you to grow as a parent.

“It’s NOT About The Nail”

Call to ACTION!

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