I believe that I am the perfect dad for my kids. This belief gives me hope, confidence, and incredible self love!

What If You Were The Perfect Parent?

I asked this the other day in one of my Impact Parenting Group calls. This idea of “perfect” parenting kind of shook the zoom room.

There’s so much shame around the word “perfect”.

Most parents just believe that they aren’t perfect and that they aren’t good enough.

If you’re like most parents, you believe this too, and it leads to shame, worry, and fear.

BUT, . . .

. . . What if YOU were the perfect parent?

What would that change in your life?

What would that change in your parenting?

What would it change about you?

If you’re like most parents, you have never even considered the possibility that YOU ARE the perfect parent. Yet, if you’re like most parents, you’ve probably considered that you might be the “worst” parent ever.

I want you to consider this instead . . .

“What if I AM the perfect parent for my teen?”

What is YOUR Definition of Perfect?

The problem is, if you’re like most people, your definition of “perfect” is what the world has told you is the definition of “perfect”.

The world will tell you that “perfect” means doing everything “right” and/or making no mistakes.

But what if I told you that this is not what makes you a perfect parent.

The truth is, your teen is not perfect, and you are not perfect, and this is what makes you perfect for each other.

My definition of perfect is more like being a “good fit” or being “exactly what is needed” or “doing your best.”

YOU get to define what “perfect” means for YOU in your role as a parent.

For me, being the perfect dad means that I am willing to love my teen no matter what. It means that I am doing my best. It means that I am an example of making mistakes and making the most of it. It means that I am exactly what my teenager needs.

What If You Believed You Were The Perfect Parent?

I want you to really ask yourself this, “What if I believed that I was the perfect parent?”

What would that change for you?

If you’re like most of my clients, IF you believed that you were the perfect parent, . . .

  • You would have more compassion for yourself,
  • You would have more confidence,
  • You would trust yourself, and
  • You would be happier!

What if YOU believed that you were a perfect parent? What would change for you?

For me, I started trusting myself. I started having my own back. I started believing that not only is my best good enough, but it is exactly what is needed.

Believing that I am a perfect dad has helped me parent with confidence. It has helped me be happier in my relationships with my kid.

It has completely changed how I see myself. My brain is now looking for evidence that I AM the perfect parent.

You Are The Perfect Parent!

You are the perfect parent!

Being the perfect parent doesn’t mean that you never make mistakes.

Being the perfect parent means that you trust

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