Most parents come to me because they’re uncomfortable, but once they start changing and growing they get uncomfortable again.

Discomfort Sparks Growth

Most people who sign up for coaching with me do it because they are experiencing discomfort of some kind.

They want to change something so that they can feel better.

Discomfort isn’t a problem, it’s just part of the human experience. Discomfort helps us know when something is wrong. Discomfort helps us know that it’s time to make a change.

Discomfort has the power to fuel the effort to create a change.

When we can look at discomfort this way, without judgment and shame, we can see discomfort as simply an invitation to start growing and creating change.

Often time, it’s discomfort itself that sparks our willingness to make a change.

Growth comes with Discomfort

As I mentioned, most parents who come to me looking for coaching, are coming to me because they are experiencing discomfort.

One of the things that parents realize is that just because they started growing and changing doesn’t mean that their discomfort will go away.

In fact, growth itself is uncomfortable.

If you’re like most parents, when you started working on your own growth, you simply traded your old discomfort for a new discomfort.

It’s important to realize that discomfort doesn’t mean that something has gone wrong.

In fact, discomfort can mean that everything is going right.

Discomfort can mean that you are actually growing and transforming.

Identify and Lean Into The Discomfort

It’s important to identify the discomfort that you are experiencing.

Is your discomfort telling you that something needs to change?

Is your discomfort showing you that you are in the process of growing?

Most of the world tries to avoid all discomfort at all costs.

Once you identify your discomfort, what it feels like, what’s causing it, you have the power to choose whether or not you will continue with the discomfort.

Most of The World Tries To Avoid Discomfort

If you’re like most parents, like most humans actually, you try to avoid discomfort.

This is something that we are hard-wired to do. Avoiding discomfort keeps us safe and comfortable.

The problem is, this also keeps you from growth!

Avoiding discomfort will halt your own personal growth.

This is why it’s important to continuously embrace discomfort.

Embrace Discomfort As Part of The Process

Discomfort is part of the process of growth and improvement.

Embrace it!

It doesn’t mean that anything has gone wrong.

Oftentimes the discomfort that we’re avoiding, like fear, worry, or anger, is actually exactly what we need to lean into for growth.

This has been true of the parents that I work with that are afraid and worried about their teen’s choices.

5 Simple Tips to Manage and Grow Through Discomfort

  1. Be Aware of Your Discomfort
  • Where is your discomfort coming from?
  • What’s causing your discomfort?
  • Whereare you feeling the discomfort?
  • Is it inviting you to change?
  • Is it due to growth?

2. Buckle Up

  • This is going to be a ride!
  • Be committed to the process.
  • Don’t give up when it’s hard and uncomfortable.
  • Be willind to change and do something different.

3. Choose Your Discomfort Based On Desired Results

  • It’s uncomfortable to go to the gym, but we do it becuase we want the results of being healthy.
  • Understand that you will likely be uncomfortable either way, might as well choose the discomfort that connects to your goals.

4. Lean Into Your Fear

  • Sometimes the thing making you uncomfortable is the actual answer or solution.
  • Be willing to lean into the uncomfortable emotion.

5. Be Patient, Allow the Growth Rather Than Forcing It

  • Don’t Force It
  • Have Compassion For Yourself.

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