One of the things that I’ve coached on the most in the first week of 2022 is TRUST. Fortunately, this is my word for 2022.

Why Pick A Word for The Year?

I’ve seen people pick a word for the year in the past.

One of my goals for this year is to accomplish more by doing less, and picking one word seems like doing LESS but more effective than setting a bunch of goals.

I know we’re just starting out the year, but I already like the focus of having just one word.

Why Is Trust Important To Me?

One of the reasons that I’ve chosen “TRUST” as my word of 2022 is because I often catch myself not trusting myself and others.

One of the things that I’ve found is that the more I trust myself, the more my business grows.

Another thing I’ve found is that the more I trust others, the better I feel.

I would rather trust people than distrust them. I like how it feels better than distrust.

So this year as a parent, I’m committing to trust myself. I’m trusting that I am exactly the parent that my children need. I’m trusting that my best is good enough. I’m trusting that my instincts are there to serve me.

I’m choosing to trust my family because I like how I feel when I trust them. I’m choosing to trust that my teen is capable of overcoming anything!

I’m choosing to trust that EVERYTHING always has been, is, and will be okay!

How Does Trust Impact Your Life?

If you’re like most parents of teens, you’ve probably found yourself having a hard time trusting your teen. It’s easy to distrust your teen, but who does that affect the most?

Most of the parents that I coach on this report that when they distrust their teen, they feel skeptical, distrustful, and anxious/worried.

The lack of trust changes how you feel, which changes how you parent.

Most of the parents that I’ve coached on this report that when they at least want to trust their teen, they feel more love and compassion towards their teen.

When parents are actually able to choose to trust their teens, they report feeling more confident and empowered.

Would you rather parent from the emotions of skepticism, distrust, fear, and worry or from compassion, love, and confidence.

When you embrace trust, you will be able to let go of things that are actually outside of your control.

I want to invite you to practice trusting that your teen is doing their very best!

In fact, imagine that you actually believed that. How would you feel?

Trust it!

I promise, your teen IS doing their very best!

Trust Is a Powerful Choice

Trust is a choice.

I get it. It can be a hard choice to make. It’s easy to choose to distrust someone, even yourself.

But look at it this way. Whether you trust or distrust someone ONLY affects YOU!

Choosing not to trust someone changes how you feel towards that person.

I choose to trust that everyone is doing their best.

When someone lies to me, this trust helps me have more compassion towards them.

It doesn’t mean that I now let them walk all over me. I still set and uphold boundaries to protect myself, but I choose to trust that when they break or cross those boundaries, it’s only because it’s the best that they can do.

When I know someone will break a boundary, I still trust them. I trust that they are doing their best and that they will probably break the boundary. I trust that I can handle that situation to the best of my ability and that it will all be okay.

Choose To Trust Yourself

When I first started my business, I didn’t trust myself.

I delayed starting my podcast because I didn’t trust that I had anything worth saying.

I delayed getting certified as a life coach because I didn’t trust that I would be good enough.

If you’ve delayed joining the Firmly Founded Parent membership, it’s probably due to a lack of trust with yourself.

I get it. I used to not trust that I could change and improve.

I want to invite you to trust yourself.

Trust your ability to grow.

Trust that I can help you!

Choose to trust!

Call to ACTION!

Come join me in the Firmly Founded Parent Membership!

Start being the parent of your dreams TODAY!