“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Jackie DeShannon

The World Thinks We Need To Better Love OTHERS

It seems like there’s a lot of talk of loving one another or simply loving others, but I believe it starts with your ability to love yourself.

Most People Ignore Their Self Love

If you don’t love yourself, it makes it hard to love others.

Most people completely ignore their own self-love and focus on whether or not others love them.

You don’t have to “make” others love you.

Loving yourself is not Narcisistic

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you are better than others.

Loving yourself means having your own back.

I’m going to own all of me.

Loving yourself is not comparing yourself to others.

Loving yourself by choosing NOT to compare yourself to others is the best way.

Why is It Important To Avoid Comparisons

Comparison creates frustration.

Even when you compare others with others, it puts your focus on things outside of your control.

When you compare yourself to others, it likely leads to unhappiness.

When we compare ourselves, we don’t hold compassion.

When we compare others, we don’t hold compassion.

Comparing yourself to others is natural human behavior.

Teach your teen to not compare themselves to others start by not comparing yourself to others.

Create A Love List

What do you love about yourself?

Come up with 5 things that you love about yourself.

Teach your brain to find things that you love about yourself.

Most people focus on the things that they don’t love about themselves.

Everyone has unique strengths, talents, and gifts.

Love yourself for what you love about yourself, not what the world loves about you.

Sometimes we don’t even notice our strengths.

Practice finding your strengths and loving yourself for who you are!

What the world need now is LOVE

Love yourself. Our current social status is a reflection of our inner love. Learn how to love yourself.

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The more you love yourself, the more easily you will be able to love others.

If you lack self-confidence, it’s because you lack self-love.

When you love yourself, you can trust yourself to be yourself!

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