Stop wasting you energy on things outside of your control, and harness that energy on BEing the parent of your dreams.

Parenting From Fear

Parenting from fear is common for parents, and it’s a symptom of focusing on things outside of your control. When we do this, we typically catastrophize and see all the things that could go wrong.

Theresa was afraid that her teen would be arrested. She was worried that he’d be behind bars and “ruin” his life.

This caused Theresa to yell and try to control her teen.

She thought that she needed to fix him and protect him from himself.

Parenting From Shame

It’s also common to parent from shame and worry about what others are thinking about you. This is another symptom of focusing on things outside of your control

Theresa believed that others were thinking that she was a terrible mother and that it was her job to fix her teen.

If you are experiencing shame as a parent, it’s likely because you are worried about what others think about you.

Also, if you worry that you aren’t good enough, or if you worry that you are somehow ruining your teen, this will cause feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Made Small Simple Shifts In the Beginning

When Theresa shifted her mindset, she was able to change how she behaved towards him. Making these simple things helped her stop yelling at her teen. It helped her better connect with her teen.

Everything Changed When her Mindset Changed

When Theresa realized that she didn’t have to catastrophize, she was able to realize that there were benefits to her son’s behavior. Though she didn’t agree with him selling vapes, she was able to find peace in the thought that he was learning business skills.

Changing from The Inside Out

When you start managing your own thoughts, you start changing on the inside.

When Theresa started BEing the change, the change rippled out and impacted her teen.

Theresa’s growth and change are a reflection of the growth and change that Theresa experienced.

When we change on the INSIDE, our outside environment changes to match our frequency.

Harness Your Energy

Stop focusing on things outside of your control and focus on what you can control. Use that energy to be the BEST version of you that you can possibly be.

When you refocus your attention, you can use that energy to change your thought patterns and start thinking in a more powerful way.

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