Parenting growth comes with vulnerability and a willingness to learn.

Sorry for the short show notes again, but I’m still recovering from Covid-19 and I didn’t plan this episode ahead of time.

Stefanie, Real Life Parent from the Membership

The Firmly Founded Parent teaches things that are different than what the world would have you believe.

The world would teach you that “It’s your job to control your teen,” but we teach that it’s NOT your job to control your teen.

It’s your job to control yourself!

It’s your job to manage your mind, your emotions, and your actions.

Wanting Coaching vs “Needing” Coaching

You don’t “need” coaching, you want coaching.

Needing coaching comes from a place of shame.

Wanting coaching comes from a place of desire and hope.

You Are Doing Better Than You Think!

You are a good parent! You are doing exactly what you should be doing as a parent.

The world tells us that we should do parenting one “right” way. You get to parent your own way.

You are on your own hero’s journey.

Grow into being the parent of your dreams.

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