I LOVE working with parents and teens! It’s a part of who I am.

When I was a teen I struggled with confidence, anxiety and overwhelm, and making good decisions. 

In fact, when I was 13 I accidentally lit my school bus on fire with rubber cement. 

My struggles as a teen have driven me to help as many teens and parents as I can.

My wife and I were Therapeutic foster parents for 10 years. We specialized in teenagers, and we got really good at helping teens who struggled in a lot of areas of their lives. 

Though we eventually became awesome foster parents, we really struggled in the beginning. We had to learn some serious skills to help us be the parents we wanted to be. Now, I share these skills with parents just like you. 

I was also a teacher of 5 years, and then a high school principal for another 5 years. 

Through my time as a principal we improved our graduation rate from 55% to 88% over my last 3 years as a principal. We also decreased suspensions from over 200/year to less than 20/year.

Helping teens improve their behavior is one of my super powers. 

If you want to start being the parent of your dreams and start parenting with love and connection rather than fear and distrust, I can help you. 

If your teen wants to be more confident, improve in school or their favorite sport, or simply have more support in achieving their goals and dreams, I’m your guy.