I’m Ben.

I coach parents who want to help their teens develop resilience.

As parents, we all struggle with one of the following:

  • How to connect with my teen in a meaningful way,
  • How to trust in both the process and “their” process,
  • How to turn mistakes and struggles into vital and foundational strengths, and
  • How to manage YOURSELF and the stress of raising teens.

The truth is, to help today’s teens develop resiliency, you have to master these four key elements or you will continue to struggle with your teen.

If you’re not intentional about these four elements,  you will not have the impact that your teen needs. 

I know that things used to be easier.

When you were a teen, things WERE different. 

But as times have changed, so have the struggles and challenges you and your teen face.

You’re worried.

You’re ready to figure this thing out, not just for your teen, but for YOU!

These solutions will help you empower teens.

When you empower your teen, you develop trust, grow relationships, build confidence and character, and so much more.

The solutions you’re looking for are available; and more importantly, they’re simple.

My experience includes over a decade helping struggling teens, parents, foster parents, and educators. I was teen who struggled. I’m a parent, a former high school teacher, coach, and principal, and I am a Certified Life Coach.

I have coached both teens and adults. From my experience as a struggling teen, as a principal of an alternative school, and as a coach, I am uniquely skilled in diagnosing, triaging and then solving the dynamic problems you and your teen face each day.

Nothing you or your teen are struggling with is unsolvable.

I promise.

If you’re ready to be done with…

  • Trying to manage day-to-day teenage drama and chaos.
  • Solving your teen’s problems for them.
  • Worrying and trying harder than ever but feeling like your relationship is worse than ever.

You’ve come to the right place.

I’m thrilled you’re here.

If you’re ready for a change, I’m ready to help.

There are solutions to the challenges you’re facing. I started a Membership with other Certified Life Coaches. Check it out by clicking the button below!