I’m not sure who said this, most seem to think it was ol’ Abe Lincoln, but who knows with the internet these days. But, I think it’s a powerful quote.

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want the most.”

I recently had a similar discussion with one of my clients. We were talking about how she really wanted to reach her weight loss goals, but in the moment, when she was tempted by food, that “want” always won out.

I love this quote because there really is a discipline to it. It’s not something that simply comes easy. You have to practice choosing what you want most.

Usually we forget about what we want most. We hyper focus on the thing that we want NOW.

Rather than focus on how we would feel at our goal weight, or possibly what we might wear or do, we instead focus on how much we want that doughnut or that piece of chocolate.

Decide right now. What do you want most?

Do you want doughnuts, chocolate, that extra serving at dinner? Or, do you want the body of your dreams?

Do you want to have more energy, less physical discomfort, and greater health?

Now for the hard part.

PRACTICE CHOOSING! Commit right now to choosing what you want most.

It will get easier, and before you know it you will start to truly enjoy what it is you want most.