The hardest part of losing weight is feeling discomfort and not giving in. PERIOD!

But, if you plan for it, expect it, and embrace it, you will have ALL of the power!

Discomfort is the currency you MUST exchange for weight loss!! If you want to lose weight you have to pay the price in discomfort.

It will come in the form of disappointment when you pass on seconds and dessert.

It will come in the form of hunger when you ate lunch at noon, it’s 3:30 and you want to eat a snack.

I could be the discomfort of desire when your at the movies with friends and they’re all eating junk food, and you want it SO BAD, but you’ve decided not to.

Discomfort is hard. You can do hard. You can do discomfort.

I call it Discomfort-Ability. Your ability to experience discomfort to the end, without giving in, will determine your ability to reach your weight loss goals.

Your Discomfort-Ability is like a muscle, and probably a muscle that hasn’t been worked out a lot. So start working it out TODAY!

Decide ahead of time, “I’m going to skip cake and ice cream at the party. It’s going to suck! It’s going to be uncomfortable, and that’s AWESOME!”

Consider this your next installment on your weight loss goal payment plan. Because, remember discomfort is the currency you must exchange for your weight loss goals.

You can do this!