February is almost over. Spring is in the air, or at least I wish it were, and summer is around the corner.

If you want to ditch your dad bod for a body that you can comfortably enjoy all of summer’s activities, NOW IS THE TIME TO START!

Seems like so many people start January 1st, fall off of the wagon shortly after, coast through winter and spring and once summer hits we are left wishing that we would have started earlier.

START TODAY! Here’s how:

1. Commit. Just do it. Don’t look back.

2. Get ready for some discomfort. Losing weight is hard. You have to turn down food, experience hunger, desire, and disappointment. Get ready for discomfort!

3. Make a plan and stick to it, EVERY DAY. Cut out sugars, flours, and snacking from your diet. Plan your meals in advance following these parameters, and STICK TO IT! And, remember step 2. This is the part that will be uncomfortable. That’s okay, discomfort is the currency for your tough summer body!

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, manage your brain and the feelings it creates. “I want to eat pizza!” This is a thought. It will create feelings of desire and disappointment. Try thinking, “I’m not eating pizza so I can do some AMAZING summer hikes.” This is also a thought, but it will feel exciting and motivating.

5. Think and believe. Constantly think about why you want to lose weight. Think about how it will feel, what you will look like, what others will say, what you will think, the clothes you will wear, the places you’ll go, the things you will do. As you do this, you will believe more and more in your goal. Before you know it you will believe, it will be a reality, and you will be grateful you started today.