Have you ever tried to lose weight while experiencing severe back pain?

Several years ago I tried to simply work through the pain. I tried to ignore it. I tried icing and taking tons of ibuprofen. Eventually I blew two discs in my lower back.

If I could go back in time, I would listen to my body. I would give myself time to heal, and I would have changed my diet sooner.

Exercise is great, but not when your body is telling you that it can’t give much more. Exercise is not the magic weight loss bullet that people think it is.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, listen to your body and give it a rest.

I’m not talking about the soreness, that is just a part of exercising. I’m talking about pain that just doesn’t go away, or it gets worse.

Many of my clients have quit exercising completely and have still lost weight.

Rather that focusing on exercise, rein in your diet. Heal from your pain.

I’ve learned that what I eat determines how I lose weight. It also influences how much pain I’m in.