I’ve spoken with a couple of people about reaching their goal weight.

One of them told me that he knew he could reach his goal, he’d “done it tons of times.”

I asked him how long he stayed at his goal weight. He said, “usually for a day or two, then I start to slowly gain it all back.”

We focus too much on reaching our goals.

We think that once we reach our goals we are done–we give up–and old habits take over.

Reaching your goals IS important, but maintaining and living your goals is much more important.

Weight loss is more about the journey of becoming a new, lighter, version of you.

Fully embrace that new person that you are becoming. Believe in the new you. Make it a change that will last.

I asked one of my clients how long he wanted to weigh his goal weight. He said that he had never thought of that. He had only ever thought about reaching his goal.

After some thought, he decided he wanted to weight his goal weight at least the next 35 years.

What a journey!

This will be more life changing and fulfilling than simply reaching your goal. He will be living his goal.