There are SO MANY good reasons to lose weight.

Why then, is it SO HARD to stay motivated? Why is it so hard to actually keep the weight off?

The answer is simple. It’s easy to stay the same, but it can be hard to make changes. Think about this, you have spent the past, insert your age here, number of years developing eating habits. Those habits can be hard to change.

We know that we want to enjoy some of those good reasons for losing weight, but in the moment, when we’re presented with cake and ice cream, we have a hard time choosing the long term good reasons over the immediate pleasure of the cake and ice cream.

Also, if eating were only an action we did to fuel our bodies, it might be a little easier to simply eat something different, choose a different fuel. But, because eating has become something we do for pleasure, enjoyment, social interaction, entertainment, and even buffering emotional stress, our relationship with eating makes it hard to make changes.

So, How Do You Choose Weight Loss?

It’s important to actually choose and commit to weight loss. To do this, it might be helpful to explore all of your reasons for wanting to lose weight. Some such reasons might be things like wanting to be;

  1. Healthier
  2. More Active
  3. Less dependent on medications
  4. Able to fit in your favorite clothes.

It’s also helpful to identify all of the reasons that you might not want to lose weight. You can’t just ignore this side of the equation and hope it disappears. Explore it and control it. Your reasons might be things like;

  1. Loving your favorite food.
  2. Wanting to socialize around food.
  3. Wanting to try all of the best foods and desserts.
  4. It’s easier to stay the same.

I can help you change. I can help you lose the weight and keep it off.

It’s time to take control of your weight loss goals! It’s time to make a change.

It’s time to JUMP ALL IN! Commit to making it happen, even though it’s hard.