Do you want to look great this summer? School gets out in about 6 weeks.

That just so happens to be the length of my weight loss program. I’ve had clients lose as many as 40 lbs over the course of my six week program.

How would your summer be different if you weighed 20-40 lbs less than you do today? What would you wear? What could you do? How would you feel?

Humans are pretty good at planning. We plan TONS of things, from weddings to vacations, from what we’re going to wear tomorrow to our whole lives. Where we struggle is the actual completion of these plans when they get hard.

We know we want to lose a few pounds before summer, we probably even planned for this for the first few weeks in January. Now that summer is around the corner, we are wishing that we would have stuck to our plan.

The time to start is now! That summer bod is not going to happen by accident! Stop dreaming and start doing!

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