Yet, when trying to lose weight, most of us focus all of our energy on our bodies, what we eat, how we exercise, what we weigh, what clothes no longer fit, and what we look like.


YOUR BRAIN! What you think and what you believe.

Losing weight the hard way looks like crazy diets and crazy exercise programs.

Losing weight the smart way looks like learning how your brain is holding you back, and they learning how to use your brain to propel you towards your goal.

Without doing the brain work, you will be fighting an uphill battle against your current thoughts and beliefs. Change will be hard to come by and will only be temporary.

Where you are today, and what you currently weigh is a reflection of what you think and believe. Your current thoughts are creating your current results.

So, how can you empower your brain?

1. Put your brain in charge. Plan out every meal 24 hours in advance. Your brain will be deciding what to eat rather than your body.

2. Be smart about eating. Proactively choose WHAT you eat, WHY you’re eating, WHEN you eat, and HOW much. There is power in choosing to cut sugars, flours, and snacking from your diet.

3. Identify your future struggles and make a plan to overcome them. If you know that someone bringing doughnuts to the office will be a HUGE temptation, make a plan of what you want to do in this situation, and practice it in your mind.

4. Analyze why this change is uncomfortable and consciously allow the discomfort. What thoughts and beliefs are making it harder? What thoughts and beliefs will make it easier?

THIS IS A LOT! It takes practice, support, and coaching.