Your brain is like Google.

It is constantly trying to find evidence to prove whatever it is that you are thinking.

If you think, “Why am I so ugly?” your brain will nit pick your looks to pieces. You’ll notice extra fat, skin blemishes, EVERYTHING!

But, what if you thought, “Dannng, I am one sexy dude!”, your brain will start to notice things to prove you right. The next time you walk past a mirror your brain will look for proof.

All of the sudden you’ll realize, “Man my graying beard looks p-r-e-t-t-y good.”

The same is true for weight loss. If you think, I CAN’T do this!”, your brain will simply look for evidence to prove you right.

You’ll start to notice every obstacle, every disadvantage, every mistake, and every reason you can’t seem to lose weight.

Now, the problem is most of us are so used to believing that we CAN’T lose weight, that if we simply started telling ourselves, “You can TOTALLY lose weight!”, our next thought would be something like, “In your dreams. LOL.”

So, put your Google-like brain to work to answer one simple question, “How CAN I lose weight?” Soon, you’ll start to notice little things that you CAN be doing to lose weight.

You might start with, “Oh, I could skip out on this cupcake.” Or, “I could walk to the store.” And eventually you’ll develop the thought, and actually believe it, “I CAN totally lose weight!”

I help people everyday, including myself, to work to develop a mindset that promotes weight loss.